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Commercial Property Insurance

From trade specific policies for small businesses to keep costs low, up to bespoke packages for larger businesses that give you the flexibility you need – your individual account handler will help arrange and administer these policies for you, but more importantly will assist you in the event of a claim.

Commercial property insurance protects against losses from fire, flood, theft and similar perils. Trade-specific policies for small businesses keep costs low, while bespoke packages for larger businesses give you the flexibility you need.

Commercial property insurance needs to be specific to your business, whether it’s a shop, office, factory or other workplace. Our individual account handlers can put together cost effective packages conveniently covering all your commercial property insurance needs.

Why do you need this?

This cover helps to meet the cost or the replacement or repair of your company assets and profit following a peril such as a devastating fire or even a small theft loss. You should make sure your insurance covers all the stock and equipment you might have including any particular risks associated with it. Whether you own or rent a shop, office, pub, hotel or manufacturing unit, commercial property insurance should be vital to you as it is better to budget for a known insurance cost than risk the potential for a major total loss.

Smaller businesses can often take advantage of cost effective “packages” tailored to certain business types, which can be arranged online via ourselves. Larger businesses, industry and manufacturing should discuss individually bespoke written policies which our personal account handlers can tailor to your requirements.

What benefit do you get?

  • Cover against fire, theft, accidental damage and other loss of commercial property.
  • Trade-specific packages can provide cover a small business may need whilst offering exceptional value.
  • Larger firms, industry and manufacturing benefit more from the flexibility of bespoke policies tailored for them by our personal account handlers.
  • Bespoke policies can include risk management and health and safety support, helping you comply with your legal requirements.
  • UK and global companies can be covered by bespoke multi-national policies.

How can we help?

If you’d like to discuss specific needs or require a full bespoke policy, or if you have any questions relating to commercial property insurance, please contact us.